Doc Emet Productions produces and disseminates educational resources in a variety of media that contribute to the strengthening of Jewish identity and Jewish peoplehood as well as promoting the values of freedom and democracy. Founded in 2007, Doc Emet Productions is an independently-funded 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.

BODY AND SOUL – The State of the jewish nation

This film sets the record straight eloquently and comprehensively. It not only shows the undeniable historical connection between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel, but also succeeds in debunking all of the propaganda, myths and misinformation that have become accepted as truth by so many.


THE CASE FOR ISRAEL — Democracy’s Outpost

Rising in vigorous defense of the nation state of the Jewish people, Alan Dershowitz presents evidence from leading diplomats, historians, legal experts and government officials on both sides of the political spectrum to make the definitive case for Israel’s legitimacy and right to self-defense.


A serious and sometimes terrifying analysis of how Jew-hatred, often masked as anti-Zionism, has permeated modern life and discourse worldwide.


This companion publication to Unmasked Judeophobia presents practical approaches for individuals and groups at various stages of their involvement and proposes entrepreneurial and value-oriented strategic initiatives that galvanize individuals and communities to take coordinated action.

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